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democracy. chris, thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, my name is tom pickering. chris stevens was a friend and a colleague. more than that he was among the very best our foreign service has to offer in support of our people and our country. a man destined for even greater challenges and successes. it is a special honor for me to be asked to be here and say a few words in his memory. i must begin by offer approximating my sincere condolences and passion to his family and friends gathered here this afternoon to honor his memory. in truth, what we say here our words, can only be a pale shadow for his service and sacrifice for his nation and people. indeed that of his colleagues, glen dougherty, sean smith, tyrone woods. i know you all join me in honoring and appreciating their service and devotion as well. chris and i worked together for a time almost a dozen years ago. he was even then fully committed to his work. an authority already in the middle east. a fine student of arabic. much more. he gave me careful and cogent advice and council as we wrestled together with the many gr
. ambassador tom pickering, probably the most senior member conducting that investigation, you to read all of the e-mails, all of the cables, all of the meetings, and you make an assessment of who bears some responsibility in this issue. is it diplomatic security? is intelligence? i think there's another issue here which really concerns me and that at one point the disclosure of some of our libyan assets was made publicly by one of the house committees. i think we have to be very careful about issues like sources and methods to ensure that in this investigation, which should happen, it is the role of the congress, that your responsible, you're not damaging american national security interests. >> but, governor, i also want to ask the other piece of the puzzle is david patreaus. and in the weeks after the incident in benghazi, the vice president laid some blame or some onus on the shoulders of the cia, general patreaus was director at that point, he's volunteered to testify, he will testify friday, amid swirling scandal. but to what degree do you think he needs to play defense on this? >> w
is investigating by the state department. it's led by the former chairman of the joint chiefs and ambassador tom pickering. men of the highest caliber. they have a group that's going to report very soon. hillary clinton said she will not leave office before she personally presented it to congress, which she is mandated to do. so this is going to be an uncomfortable exit for secretary clinton because she's going to have to answer as to why the state department did not improve security. that's what presumably these senators would be investigating. so jay carney and others in the white house are trying to say, why what was said on sunday morning television which is not under oath and not out of the old or new testaments, why that's become rit so large and why we're going through this with someone who has not yet been nominated. that's all rather curious. >> this is why i wanted to talk to you about it. this is the thing that's so frustrating. there are real things to talk about here. why this attack was able to go so far that it actually killed the u.s. ambassador. in terms of susan rice's predicam
board as secretary clinton has talked about under tom pickering, a fine officer that's what they will do. secondly what happened in that eight, nine hour stretch. was there adequate response to what was clearly an unfolding disaster on the ground? i think the intelligence committees of the congress will be the place to look at that. finally we have shifting stories, sometimes that happens, frankly. because you're getting different sources of information. i myself have been in the situation in which i got different intelligence estimates at different times. but those first two, what was the situation on the ground and was security adequate and what was the response, that we need to understand in some depth because that then speaks to what we need to do in the future. >> china is electing a new leadership as well. what's the possibility there? where do you think that country is going? >> i think the chinese, new chinese leadership has a real task ahead of them. they have essentially based their legitimacy on prosperity. they raised 400 million out of poverty. clearly china is an economic p
of the joint chiefs, mike mullen, co-chaired by tom pickering, former u.n. ambassador, former ambassador to russia and deputy secretary of state. it's going to be coming out in mid december. it will be recorded to congress and i understand it will be very, very tough on the state department for not ramping up security which many people believe could be the real issue not what was said on sunday morning television. the white house is fighting for her. >> so andrea, i just am confused but maybe you can help straighten this out. i would think lindsey graham and senator mccain for sure -- i'm not sure about kelly ayotte, have been on sunday morning shows many, many, many times. and i'll leave it there and not even go to the point that maybe at times they might have said things that they, you know, weren't completely confirming. >> what they are suggesting is that she said things for political reasons three weeks before the election. that's what lindsey graham suggested, and they were trying to mislead the american people. >> again, mike barnicle, i've asked this question before, did john mcc
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)